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Top 3 Chiropractic Services for Lowering Blood Pressure--New Studies

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New research shows chiropractic services can help reduce high blood pressure. With hypertensive medications topping US pharmaceutical sales, here are some simple ways to reduce high blood pressure—and the evidence to back it up!

1. Breathing exercises to strengthen your diaphragm.

A 2019 Colorado study showed that diaphragm muscle training by repeating 30 inhales at 75% maximum inspiratory pressure, 6 days a week for 6 weeks reduced average systolic blood pressure from 137 to 127 mm Hg. 1

A 2021 meta-analysis study further suggested resisted diaphragm strengthening during inspiration muscle training dropped systolic pressure by 16 mm Hg and Diastolic by 7 mm Hg. The authors attribute reduction due to increased parasympathetic tone. 2

2. Isometric exercise a few times a week to challenge artery and muscular tone.

Multiple recent studies show isometric muscle contractions a few times a week lower blood pressure. A paper published by Wiley, et al. had subjects perform hand grip isometric exercises with squeeze at 30% of what they could do and hold 2 minutes, three minute rest and repeat four times, three times a week for 8 weeks. Study showed a systolic and diastolic resting pressure reduced by 12.5 and 14.9 mm Hg respectively for total of 24 minutes per week. 3

3. Stretching to increase normal blood flow.

Studies have shown that stretching arteries (blood vessel remodeling) in the calf, quadriceps and hamstrings (femoral and popliteal arteries) with 45 second holds, reaped 5 times) for 12 weeks increase femoral arterial blood flow and reduced peripheral artery stiffness and reduced blood pressures. 4 Citations, and more, at

Adding in small changes over time can help reduce high blood pressure/hypertension, with or without medication.

See your doctor for more information or consider a conservative health rehabilitation specialist.

With our patient-specific treatments and orthopedic specialization, we help patients with individualized programs designed to improve overall health in addition to treating a knee, ankle or low back issue. See our services and information about how treat patients.

Your heart and blood vessels will thank you!

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