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We're proud to offer a non-surgical, non-drug approach to healthcare!

With a specialization in conservative care and our multi-faceted approach, ChiroMedica is often the first place patients start care for an injury or health issue.

Every patient is different and requires a unique approach. The injury or condition, severity, level of conditioning, patient preferences, and many other variables, make a customized treatment plan paramount to a successful solution.


We tailor treatment to each individual using a wide range of therapies and patient support and education. After carefully listening to our patient and a thorough evaluation, we review all aspects of the case and treatment options, address any concerns and together arrive at the best next steps for a treatment approach. If we conclude that the condition needs further assessment through advanced imaging or referral to another specialist, we facilitate getting patients to the best care. If our treatment is the best fit, some of the services we offer include:

Our Services

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