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Ergonomic Counseling >>>>

Improving office and workplace ergonomics improves postural changes and healing!



Good health is much more than the absence of pain or injury. How we use our bodies on a daily basis can greatly affect our long-term health. We now know that years of seemingly small unhealthy lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, excess stress, improper posture and poor work place ergonomics can, over time, turn into larger health problems.

We’ve probably all heard that “sitting is the new smoking!” Many of us sit most of the day for work then go home in the evenings and sit to work on a laptop or watch tv. Studies have shown that postural patterns and improper ergonomics are associated with musculoskeletal pain/dysfunction and have been linked to chronic health conditions like obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, but also spinal pain, sciatica and repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, sitting too long, affects our proprioception, respiration, concentration/focus and productivity in general.

Some research suggests that we spend more than 75% of our days in sedentary positions. When we add in our ever-increasing digitally focused lifestyle, we can see how our bodies are challenged like never before in human history. It's not just that we sit, stand or bend but for how long and in what positions and with what equipment.

Many times it’s small adjustments to what we already do, alterations to our office equipment, or learning how to lift or sit better that make a big difference in how we feel. Every patient is unique and depending upon our specific job, or family requirement, or lifestyle, we need a tailored approach to our movement patterns.

Throughout the treatment process at Chiromedica, we include evaluation of a patient’s specific ergonomic challenges and postural habits and make recommendations to help patients heal faster, reduce the chances of re-occurrence and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Ergonomic counseling works well in conjunction with Chiropractic Medicine.

woman using computer with bad posture
man holding cell phone posture
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