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First visit with Chicago chiropractic orthopedic physician

Welcome to our office! We respect and value your time and make it a priority to run on schedule (within a few minutes). If you've not filled out the paperwork, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to complete any necessary forms, many of which can be found below. Since we will be actively moving during the visit, wearing comfortable clothing or bringing shorts and a t-shirt will help us assess your movement. Prior to your appointment, if there are any imaging results or other patient records that are relevant to your condition, we encourage you to have them sent to our office for review.

What to expect during the evaluation


During your first visit to our Chicago chiropractic office, Dr. Huffman will sit down with you in a comfortable environment and discuss your concerns, to get full understanding of the issues at hand. The next steps are the physical exam which often includes vital signs, range of motion, neurologic, vascular and lymphatic exams, orthopedic assessment, joint palpation exam (using gentle hand movements to challenge the joints) and functional movement assessment. Depending upon the condition, we may order additional testing such as gait analysis, MRI or ultrasound, for example, to get a more complete view for an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Huffman will then discuss the exam findings and diagnosis, describe the treatment options and answer any questions you might have. After everything has been addressed, doctor and patient decide together on the best course of action. Weather it's conservative care or another kind of treatment we determine is best, we'll proceed to help find the solution. Our wide variety of excellent physician/practitioner referrals and our commitment to working with other doctors is all about facilitating the best care for our patients.


Our goal is to treat patients on the first visit if that is the best solution and time allows. Initial appointments are approximately 45 minutes and follow-up appointments may be shorter depending upon the patient's custom treatment plan parameters.

With that said, our approach is a team effort. Both doctor and patient work to achieve the patient goal. Since it’s not practical to be part of a patient’s daily routine, a patient's work outside the office with exercises, stretches, posture and lifestyle changes, that are part of your plan, are essential to achieving the quickest and most long-lasting goals.

We look forward to meeting you!

smiling patient and doctor
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