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Bracing + Taping >>>>

Bracing, splinting and taping can be key to sports injury recovery!

As part of a patient’s broader treatment at ChiroMedica, we may recommend supportive bracing or taping methods to help facilitate healing or a specific movement pattern.

Bracing and supports are an inexpensive solution that is typically used to limit range of motion, rest an injured area and/or as a reminder to limit certain joint motions. Many kinds of bracing have significant evidence-based studies that back up their use. If the cost/benefit ratio and research evidence is high, a specific kind of bracing can help a patient make major strides to healing faster. One of the most common examples is the highly effective “air splint” used for acute ankle sprain. We keep abreast of current bracing/taping procedures and studies and recommend them only when there’s clinical evidence supporting the use.

Another effective and inexpensive supportive procedure is the use of taping. Weather our goals are taping for movement facilitation with elastic kinesiology tapes or immobilizing a joint with athletic taping, we’ve found these very beneficial in practice. For example, kinesiology tapes (such as K-tape and Rocktape) can be used for a volleyball player’s rotator cuff injury in the short term to facilitate certain difficult motions and to reduce pain. In the longer term, it’s used to promote healing, alleviate bruising and improve range of motion. Another common use in our office, is proprioceptive supportive taping for abdominal pain and pressure in late-stage pregnancy or using specialized taping around the shoulder girdle/romboids as a que to better postural position. In short, Dr. Huffman recommend taping for a specific purpose on a targeted tissue to help achieve the patient’s goals.

We’ve found that many musculoskeletal conditions and sports injury, resolve more quickly when bracing or taping are part of the patient’s overall treatment plan.  Some conditions that benefit include: low back pain, sciatica, pregnancy pain, neck pain, headache, postural changes, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee injuries, ankle sprain, muscle strain, ligament sprain and many others. Weather it's a sports or workplace or pregnancy related injury or condition, bracing and taping can accelerate pain relief and healing.

Bracing and taping work well in conjunction with Myofascial Release and Soft-Tissue Techniques.

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