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We're all about Conservative Care >>>>

Conservative care is minimally invasive healthcare. And in the context of neuromusculoskeletal medicine, it's non-drug/non-surgerical treatment and is the premise of chiropractic medicine. Your doctor may incorporate manual therapy (using hands), manipulation, rehabilitation, modalities, dry needleing, nutrition, patient education, and/or acupuncture etc. to resolve healthcare conditions. What manipulation does (xxxxxxx)and, some research behind it (link to research) chiropractic has been recommended in guidlelines from american family medidince, american pain society, etc. as a firstline treatment for NMS conditions and we are an active part of the healthcare system that can save patients from surgery or pharamceuticals with safe and effective treatment. While not  every optimal solution is conservative care, many and most can be treated effectively without more serious intervention. brief synopsis of the kinds of things that can be treated with chiro/conserv care.

We pride ourselves on discussing all viable solutions. If conservative care is not the best option, we'll help find and facilitate your care!

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